Will Rogers Tells How He Feels About Gliders

March 9, 1930
Say, this glider contraption of Lindbergh’s looks like a pretty good racket. He went up yesterday and competed with a buzzard, and the fowl got second money. The competition was going along about even till Lindy lost a wing and didn’t even stop to pick it up. Just kept right on. When the old bird saw that, he got disgusted and withdrew, and went back to his original trade.

Lindy was telling me the other night about these things. He things they have a great future in training men to fly; cost is only three or four thousand dollars. No engine, no gasoline. All you need is a high hill and a strong wind. And a few old boys to yank you out into space. All sounds marvelous, but when I try it it’s going to be inside a room, with the floor lined in feather beds.

Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams Volume 2, Oklahoma State University Press