Richard F. Gordon, Jr.

Richard Francis Gordon, Jr., a Captain in the United States Navy (retired), was born on October 5, 1929 in Seattle, Washington.

Gordon died on November 6, 2017 from cardiac arrest and complications from cancer at his home in in San Marcos, California.

NASA Biography

Space Flights:

  • Pilot, Gemini 11, September 12-15, 1966, tethered the spacecraft to an Agena target vehicle after the first direct-ascent (first orbit) rendezvous with an Agena. Gordon also performed two EVAs.
  • Command Module Pilot, Apollo 12, Yankee Clipper and Intrepid, November 14-24, 1969. Second landing on the moon, near the Surveyor 3 unmanned probe.

Total Hours in Space: 315+
Astronaut Group: 3-October 18, 1963
Degrees: BS Degree, Chemistry, University of Washington, 1951
Military Service & Awards:
Interred at Arlington National Cemetery: February 20, 2018
Section: 18
Grave: 30047