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Will Rogers’ Daily Telegram – 2/28/1930

Will Rogers’ Tribute to Taft: Seems ‘Like He Was One of Us’
Mr. Taft, what a lovely soul! You know, all our Presidents that this generation knew, some we knew, some we felt we didn’t know, some we admitted for their great ability; some we had great faith in, and all of them to us symbolized the great office they occupied. But just as a man and a real honest-to-God fellow, Mr. Taft will go to his grave with more real downright affection and less enemies than any. He always seemed like he was one of us.

It’s great to be great but it’s greater to be human. He was our great human fellow because there was more of him to be human. We are parting with three hundred pounds of solid charity to everybody, and love and affection for his fellowmen.

– Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams, Volume 2, Oklahoma State University Press

Note: Taft died on March 8 Рnot sure why this has a publish date of 2/28. He had retired as Chief Justice on 2/23 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.