Alfred M. Worden

Alfred Worden

Alfred Merrill Worden, a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force (Retired), was born on February 7, 1932 in Jackson, Michigan. He was a test pilot and flight instructor before serving as an astronaut.

Worden died on March 18, 2020 at an assisted living facility in Sugar Land, Texas after suffering an infection that led to a collapse in his home.

NASA Biography

Space Flights:

  • Command Module Pilot, Apollo 15, July 26-August 7, 1971. First use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle. His Apollo 15 crewmate Irwin is also buried at Arlington National Cemetery. During the return trip to Earth, Worden conducted an EVA to retrieve film cassettes from cameras on the exterior of the spacecraft.

Total Hours in Space: 295+, Less than 1 EVA hour

Astronaut Group: 5-April 4, 1966

Degrees: Bachelor of Military Science, West Point, 1955. MS degrees in Astronautical/Aeronautical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering, University of Michigan, 1963. Honorary Doctorate of Science in Astronautical Engineering from University of Michigan, 1971.

Military Service & Awards: Graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the United States Air Force.

Interred at Arlington National Cemetery: December 16, 2021

Jill Lee Worden was born on October 6, 1943 and died on May 4, 2014. She was interred with her husband on December 16, 2021.

Section: 75
Grave: 75 978
Grid: OO-29

Apollo 15 crew
Crew photo, Apollo 15. David Scott, Alfred Worden and James Irwin.

How to locate: From the welcome center, go past the bus loading area and turn left onto Eisenhower Drive. Turn Left on Leahy Drive and follow it around a curve, turning left at the sidewalk between sections 75 and 74 and locate the gravesite using the numbers on the back of the headstone.